Hot Water Tank Service & Sales at Applewood Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd

If you are not completely informed about water heaters, it could be difficult to try and find a replacement fit for your home. Water heaters are essential to giving your home warm water, especially keeping all the piping functional during the cold winter months. Here at Applewood Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd, our water heater dealers will let you know about the multiple kinds of water heaters while giving you the best price.

Our residential water heaters are top of the line, giving you the best quality for your home’s hot water tank needs. Applewood Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd can help you choose between a tank or tankless water heater. Our hot water tank sales department has the proper hot water tank installation to give you and your family hot water throughout the year. We have the experience under our belts to give you the best expertise there is with the constantly developing technology.

We also have a hot water tank service in case you need any water heater repair. We don’t want you to continue to have problems, so our hot water tank repair service will take care of the problem the first time. For more information on all of our services, contact Applewood Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd in Vernon, BC today!


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